School Leadership Through the Lens Of Women School Heads


  • Apple B. Secuya, M.A. Ed. Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines


This study aimed to explore on the lived experiences of women school heads of Ormoc City Division, Ormoc City District Eight on how they lead an institution. The study employed four (4) women school heads from Ormoc City Division - Eighth District regardless of the years they have served in the Department of Education (DepeEd). Methodology utilized in the study included one-on-one semi-structured interview. The data were gathered through the use of semi-structured interview and were analyzed using the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Specifically, the study sought to answer what are the experiences of women school heads in school leadership. Based from the result of this study, the following sub-themes have been generated. First, the ambivalent emotions wherein they often discussed their mixed emotions based on their experiences in leading a school. Second, the equality in the workplace. Third, the stakeholders’ partnership in leadership. Challenges were also encountered that aggravated participants’ situation which agreed with the Leadership Labyrinth Theory. However, these women school heads have identified strategies on handling different situations in the school they are leading. The challenges that women school heads have experienced made them even wiser and stronger school heads. Based on the results of this study, it is recommended to increase the number of participants to investigate the influence of culture on the management of female school heads. Hence, explore the real experiences of women school heads in different cultures. A comparative study of men and women school heads' lived experiences is also recommended.


Lived Experiences, Women School Heads, School Leadership, Challenges




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