Experiences of Out-Of-Field Teachers Teaching English


  • Jhonly Braga, M.A. Ed. Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines


This study is a qualitative research using hermeneutic phenomenological design, aimed to understand the lived experiences of non-English teachers teaching English subjects in the Schools Division of Baybay City and proposed program/platform that can aid them. The study used purposive sampling technique in choosing the participants. There were different inclusion and exclusion criteria determined in the study to ensure that all of the participants experience out-of-field teaching phenomenon in teaching English subjects. The study utilized semistructured interview with open-ended question, interview schedules, written documentation, direct observation using note-taking and video recording. The data were analyzed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis to better present the realities of out-of-field teaching. Based from the results of the study there were five themes that emerged, these were Hurdles of a Hero, Fish Out of Water, Against the Current, Echoes of Voices, Compass into the Woods and Double-edged Sword. Hurdles of A Hero has three sub-themes, which are Difficulty in Difference, Peeling the Shell and Struggles in Scaffolding. Fish Out of Water has three sub-themes which are Against the Current, Sailing Journey and Extra Hat. Moreover, Echoes of Voices this theme has two sub-themes, which are Echoes of Emergence and Common-Uncommon. In addition, Compass into the Woods has two subthemes which are Aid of Maneuver and Sharpening of Arrows. Lastly, Double-edged Sword has three sub-themes which are Mask of Unsureness, Self in Someone’s Shoes and Reflective Mirror. The study interpreted the different lived experiences of non-English teachers. These lived experiences expressed by the teachers revealed the different learnings and the challenges non-English teachers met while teaching English subjects. Thus, teaching English subjects out-of-field was beneficial for other teachers yet challenging to some. However, their lived experiences become their additional teaching experience that help them cultivate themselves and contribute to their own meaning of the teaching profession.


Out-of-Field Teaching, Lived Experiences, Non-English Teachers




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